Creative Nature Inspired Coloring Stencils MARGA

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In MARGA set you will find 4 nature inspired coloring stencils with patterns of honeycomb, seashell, leaf cells through a microscope, and a spider web.

The stencils are laser cut from a sturdy cardboard.

Imagine, color, create your world with MARGA!


Ccreative coloring set MARGA consists of 4 different nature-inspired patterns that can be placed on the surface of the edu2 Light Play Table or paper to start your coloring experience!

Each stencil represents a different natural ornament – honeycomb, seashell, leaf under the microscope, or stump’s incision. This creativity set will help children (as well as adults) connect with nature.

MARGA stencils are laser cut and made of sturdy, quality 3–layer cardboard. Two rectangular stencils put together will fit the surface of the edu2 light table. Stencils can last very long unless soaked in water.

Coloring is a stress–free activity that trains the brain to focus. Moreover, coloring develops your fine motor skills and vision while requiring both logic, by which we color shapes, and creativity when mixing and matching colors.

Real world is rarely black and white. It is covered with streaks, spots, patterns, or patches of colors. That’s what we call beautiful!

In ancient Sanscrit mārga means “reach, range; mark, scar; track of a wild animal”. And in Lithuanian, which is one of the oldest spoken languages on Earth, marga means” full of colors, patterns, meanings”

Imagine, color, create your world with MARGA!

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