Creative Toy Piks

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Piks is a creative toy designed to develop children’s attention and concentration. Create the most original and impressive structure by positioning all of the pieces without any of it falling down.


Introduce children to the world of fun building with the creative construction game, Piks, by Oppitoys!

What is Piks?

This creative construction game Piks is composed of silicone cones that come in three different sizes and colours, with beech wood planks of various shapes. If you pile the cones and the planks up, the silicone will hang onto the wood! This adhesion is why there are so many possible combinations with this construction set!

How do I play with this creative construction game?

The goal of the game is to have fun! You can play alone or with friends, family, and at every age. You can also chose to play freely and start building the highest or the most original tower ever!

Or, you can also let the creative cards Piks guide you through your construction: try to build the upside-down tower, or a crocodile, or even a space rocket!

Why should I play with this set?

Creative toy PIKS is designed to develop children’s attention and concentration. By playing with Piks, children explore the intricacies of balance while decision-making, motor skills and imagination all come into play transforming the players into artists.

Piks is therefore educational and creative…but also eco-friendly! The wood comes from eco-managed forests (FSC) and the cones are made of non-toxic silicone. It is also inclusive, because every children can play with Piks!

Weight 2 kg
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Piks Small Kit, Piks Medium Kit