Guessing Box MIRABU


Place different objects inside the box and invite a child to put hands through the holes and guess what is hiding inside.


A beautiful box made of plywood with a unique design, the Guessing Box MIRABU offers an interesting play experience that can help children develop their fine motor skills.

The “Guess What’s in the Box” game is really popular among kids. They love to turn into little detectives and investigate on what is actually inside the box! It’s a really fun sensory activity that will stimulate children and help them develop many skills. Our Guessing Box MIRABU is our take on this popular game!

Winner of the A ‘Design award in Baby, Kids’ and Children’s Products Design Category in 2021!

How to Play with the Guessing Box:

Put an object (or several) in the box (a wooden piece, a squishy toy…) and let children touch and feel it through the holes. They have to guess what it is!

An observer has the possibilty to see what’s happening inside the box thanks to a small glass panel (they can also guide the child to find objects!).

Play Functions of the Guessing Box:

– Enhance motor skills by touching objects
– Develop language (description and guess)
– Mathematical skills (counting)

Together with the box, you will receive colourful felt balls : use them to decorate your box and customize it!

Fabric Contents:

Acrylic glass
Rubber band.

Weight 3 kg

White, Natural Wood