Mirror Forest Tales | Storytelling Set


Children love miracle stories, especially at bedtime.

In this little black box you will find 12 mirror figures picturing a bear, an owl, a hare, a hedgehog, a fox, a bush, forest grass, trees. The mirror surfaces add a playful and magic touch. Each night, a different figurine can become the Storyteller.

The wooden side can be colored to create a new character, emotion, or style. Insert the figures into the frames to create volumetric forest scenery. The setting is perfect for creative storytelling and role play in daytime.

Let the imagination flow, and tell your story with Mirror Forest Tales!

Tell stories with Mirror Forest Tales inspired by forest, one of the most magical places in the world.

This set consists of themed figurines, which can be placed on the surface of the edu2 light table or any other table. Combine them together and create any kind of structure you want!

Mirror figures of grass, trees, a fox, an owl, a bear, a rabbit, a hedgehog, a little house are ready for storytelling!

Why the mirrored surface ? Mirrors are gateways for imaginary play. The figures reflect light, which captures the attention of children and fosters their imagination: instead of shapes, they are playing with sunny bunnies, foxes made of light…

The possibilities are infinite: create as many scnearios as you want and let the storyteller within you soar! While enjoying free play with the shapes, children will develop imagination and create stories of their own. Also, adults can help kids to improve storytelling skills by helping them to combine words into sentences and sentences into a story.

Play Functions of Forest Tales set:

– Develop children’s imagination
– Improve storytelling skills
– Grow language skills and help improve structure of speech

Designed in Lithuania, made in Europe.

Weight 0.2 kg