Sensory Sand and Water Play Table KOPA


edu2 Sensory Sand and Water Table KOPA is a versatile play table designed for children aged 3-8 years old. This see-through play table is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and provides children with a unique sensory play experience.

The see-through design of the Sensory Sand and Water Table allows children to observe and explore different materials, such as sand, water, and sensory beads. The table can be used for a variety of sensory play activities, promoting creativity and imagination.

KOPA Sensory Sand and Water Table is a versatile and durable play table that provides children with an engaging and tactile sensory play experience. The see-through design of this sensory play table allows children to explore the flow of water and movement of sand, promoting sensory development and encouraging creativity and imagination.

Distinctive Wave Design

The surface of KOPA is divided into two parts by a distinctive wave in the middle. In the first part, children can explore the tactile properties of sand, while in the other part, they can experiment with water. The unique wave design adds an extra layer of sensory exploration, encouraging children to engage in open-ended play and learn about cause and effect.

Convenient Fabric Cover and Shelf

In addition to its distinctive wave design, the Sensory Sand and Water Table also features two convenient fabric additions: a cover and a shelf that provides a place to store play tools and keep your play area organized. This cover ensures that the table and its contents stay clean and protected when not in use. And the shelf ensures that your child’s play tools are always within reach, promoting independent play and allowing children to focus on their sensory exploration and creativity.

Promoting Sensory Development

With its focus on sensory play, this Sensory Table is perfect for promoting gross motor skills and sensory experiences in young children. Through play with sand and water, children can develop their fine and gross motor skills, while also exploring different textures and sensations. The table is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a great addition to any home or classroom.

KOPA sensory table is perfect for activities that are essential for improving fine motor skills: it stimulates children’s 5 main senses, improves their focus and concentration, helps them develop language skills, all the while being fun.

Overall, the Sensory Sand and Water Table is a must-have for parents, educators, and caregivers looking to provide children with a fun and engaging sensory play experience. With its unique wave design, convenient fabric shelf, and focus on promoting sensory development, this play table is sure to provide hours of open-ended, imaginative play.

The table’s measurements are H50xL75xW50cm and weights 7kg.

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 76 × 56 × 25 cm