Sand and Water Tabletop


It is an open, transparent, and waterproof tabletop for more convenient use of sand and water in the activities with the edu2 Light Table.

Available on backorder

Along with our edu2 Light Table acquire a Sand and Water Tabletop for more convenient use of activities with sand and water.

Activities with Sand and Water Tabletop

Pour some water, sand, and marbles into the transparent edu2 Sand and Water Tabletop. Light, water, sand shall always remind us of a happy summer day playing at the sea. Make sand dunes and hills, play with small stones, seashells, twigs. Watch the sand slowly pouring down from one shell to another. Fold paper boats and imagine them sailing the ocean. Write letters, numbers, names on the scattered sand.

Made of organic glass, size 460 x 660 x 50 mm, fits perfectly on the edu2 Light Table.

Weight 8 kg