Sensory Play Table KOPA


It is a see-through sensory play table for sand and water play at home or outside. Comes with a convenient fabric shelf where you can place all your play tools. 

We are happy to introduce you to our newest product – Sensory Play Table KOPA! It is a see-through sensory table for sand and water play at home or outside.

Sensory Play Table KOPA surface has a distinctive wave that separates two areas. In the one, you can play with sand, and in the other – with water. Mix everything up and enjoy sand and water play all together!

Sensory play is essential for fine motor skills practice, it also stimulates the child’s 5 main senses, improves focus and concentration, language development, and, indeed, it is fun.

The play table has a fabric shelf where you will be able to place all your play tools. The table also comes along with a fabric topper, whereas you will be able to leave it outside without worries.

Table size 744x520x505 mm.

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 76 × 56 × 25 cm