Imaginator Play Cards


In a small black box of Imaginator Play Cards you will find 50 play cards with artsy abstract images and unique questions for those who dare to dream big. These cards will spark meaningful conversations and moments full of imagination, inspiration, and laughter!  Imagination play cards fire up imagination and expand the boundaries of thinking.

Take Imaginator on a trip, create family rituals, play with friends, play solo, choose one question each day and let the answer come to you.

Available in English, Spanish, and Lithuanian.

Imaginator has been awarded Good Design Award, 2022, and Silver A’Design Award, 2022!


Imaginator Play Cards, our beloved new game for expanding imagination, has been awarded Silver A’Design Award, 2022!

It is the 4th product in edu2 Collection to receive the prestigious A’Design Award.

A’Design award-winning works come from 114 countries, selected among 20.000+ entries in 132 categories by A’ Design Award after a rigorous evaluation by 227 member grand, influential, and experienced jury panel of prominent academics, design professionals, media members, and entrepreneurs.

Every deck of Imaginator Play Cards includes 50 questions for those who dare to imagine and grow. Each card has a unique, abstract design, representing our inner world of dreams, experiences, stories, and ideas.  All questions are centered on Imagination and Growth Mindset.  They will make you laugh, think, and dream.

Pick a card and join the club of Imaginators!

The Imaginator  game was created by edu2 team together with Neringa Orlenok, the most amazing design talent from Lithuania.

Looking for more ideas? We’ve got you covered!

Each card has two equally important sides. The abstract images are for imagination and association games. The questions on the other side will inspire easy, funny, and deep, even philosophical, conversations with your family or friends. Foster your imagination and growth mindset!

You are free to create the rules of the game yourself. Take your time and don’t rush to answer too quickly. Imagination needs time to “kick in”. It will be curious to see how you beat the challenge of un-seeing the first association! Will you be able to see a flower bud if you first see a dolphin breaking waves?

Fun and deep conversations

Pick a card, read the question aloud, dream for a few seconds and answer. Let the others get their answers too. The more versions of the answer, the more interesting! When everyone has spoken, draw another card.

The questions are designed to be suitable for both children and adults. There is no one right answer. Some answers will make you laugh to tears, others will make you think about yourself and will inspire you to go after your dreams. And don’t be surprised if the little players outshine the adults in their imagination!

Imagination and associations

Spread out the cards face up. One player chooses a card, says the association of the image on the card, and the others try to see new associations. When no one imagines anything more, draw another card.

Similarly, you can play a game where one player chooses a theme and the others have to find cards that associate with that theme. For example, one says “the sea” and the players have to pick out cards that remind or associate with the sea. The winner is the one who collects and explains the most cards with sea associations. Other themes could be: animals, forest, sky, holidays, travel, the best mood in the world, sad, sport, friends, spring, birds flying south, and many more.

Educational Imagination Game “4C”

This game scenario is designed for those who want to stretch their imagination even more.

Each participant takes a card. You can draw from the pile or choose the one that catches your eye the most. Then take it in turns to answer the questions:

Combine: What would you like to add to the shapes on your card? What would you get if you combined it with another participant’s card image? What would you get if you added words, signs, symbols, decorations to the image?

Change: Can any parts be moved to a different place on the card or changed? What would you get then?

Cancel: What could you remove, change or simplify? What would it be if you removed one part?

Compare: What else does it look like, how could it be adapted?

What are people saying about the Imaginator Play Cards?

“Both the child and I took turns answering all the questions. I really liked that they were different, unheard of or presented from an unexpected angle, and suitable for all age groups.”

“A stack of cards is always on our dining room table. Every morning I take out a card, read the question and think about it everywhere I go. Yesterday I pulled out the question ‘if you could grow any plant at home, what would you like to grow’. I thought of a forest of tall pines, a eucalyptus tree, a meadow of strawberries, a field of lavender… Every time I thought of a new plant, I was overwhelmed by sensations of smell and space. It’s strange that you can smell lavender even when it’s not around. Imagination is magic!”

“My son is 14. I had little hope that he would be interested in these imagination cards. When we sat down for dinner, I put the cards on the table, pulled out one card and asked him what he saw in the abstract drawing. It was interesting that we saw different things. Since he now likes to contradict, the game heated up in a fun way – after I’d say one association, he wanted to see a completely different one 🙂 We “played” all the cards that way!”

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