A Light Table Is Not Only for a Sand Play! (?)

Since the very first day edu2 Light Play Table attracted people’s attention and invited to play not only the little ones but adults as well. Light works miracles! As we are used to its warm light, we were sure that everyone who has a light table at home can enjoy endless play opportunities. However, many of us today (and always) are following the never-ending to-do list, thus we could easily start lacking creative play ideas.

We are launching a challenge to collect 100 play ideas on the light table! We need your help! If you have a play idea in mind or have tried an interesting activity – drop us a message or share a photo on your social media (don’t forget to tag us! Our Instagram name is @edu2toys). We will update this blog entry with your ideas until we reach one hundred of them. Below you can already see some ideas, and we invite you to share new ones. Let’s make the Ultimate Light Table Play Guide!

Your creativity will be rewarded! Every contributor will receive a 10% discount on edu2 products (valid until the next year!) and a digital copy of the edu2 poster of your choice!

If you don’t have a light table, you can recreate many activities with other things found at home or even make your DIY light table.


Can’t find any brushes at home? That’s not a problem! It is very fun to paint with thick paint on the edu2 Light Play Table using your fingers. It is soothing to paint on glass and it is so easy to wipe it out.  Make a drawing of your dreams or daily events. The light table is perfect for educational activities at home – draw some street crossings with traffic lights, pick up some cars, and start learning about safety on the streets.


2. ABC

Light keeps children focused and improves children‘s ability to retain information. Write some letters and invite a child to copy them or write a word which starts with a particular letter. The best thing is that a child doesn’t need to worry about making a mistake, as you can easily clean it and start all over again. Later on, you can move to numbers and create some exercises with them.

Šviesos staliukas   


Playing with sand is true meditation. Pour sand into the transparent edu2 Tabletop and start painting or writing. Once you pour some water, you can start making dunes and decorate them with seashells and gems. Let your child bring her favorite toy figurines or Forest Tales characters and create sand stories.

Šviesos staliukas  Šviesos staliukas


Dedicate a day for nature and play some scientists! Pick up some tree leaves, stones, twigs, or use Nature set. Place objects on the light table and observe how light changes them. If your child is older, suggest writing the observations on the paper and present insights.

Šviesos staliukas  Šviesos staliukas


Pour some water and marbles into the transparent edu2 tabletop. Make paper boats and organize a ship battle! Make colored ice cubes, watch them melt, and discover how new colors appear. One day you can create the scenery of the Arctic, on the other – a sky with a rainbow.



Turn off the light in the room and leave only the light table on. Invite all family to sit around the light table and tell stories and do a shadow theater. You can also encourage everyone to share what made them happy or sad during this day. A cozy light is perfect for family bonding activities.

Šviesos staliukas

Color Mixing on the Light Table


A big piece of ice became colour mixing palette. As the ice melts, more different shades of colours appear.


Put nature-inspired stencils on the light table and colour them.


Cut geometric shapes out of colourful paper and place them on the light table. Invite a child to sort them according to the type or make a collage out of them.


Glass gemstones look beautiful when placed on the light table. Sort it according to colour or learn to count.


Designed for flowers but it is a perfect sensory activity for children. Soak them in the tabletop and after a couple of hours, you will pleasant-to-touch water beads.

We are not finished with all the play opportunities on the light table but here is a solid start for you!

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