How to Organize Your Homeschool?

As quarantine continues, parents must arm themselves with patience and get some order in the abundance of information. Every day we see countless links and play ideas on what to at home with kids.

To make things easier for you, we created a memo about what is most important when organizing homeschool.

Useful links for your homeschool:

Khan Academy – Especially good for maths and computing for all ages. Also, it has an app Khan Kids for 2-7 y.

Toy Theater – Educational online games

National Geographic Kids – Activities and quizzes for younger kids

Duolingo – Learn languages for free

Ted Ed – All sorts of engaging educational videos

Crash Course Kids – Videos on various subjects

It might look that you have done it all – played all board games and took out all old toys in the daylight.

If you are thinking of acquiring new toys, choose those educational tools that have multiple play opportunities and encourage play and learn at the same time. These days every parent becomes a teacher and has to take more responsibilities to ensure continuity of education for their children.

In the infographics on your right, you could read about some educational toys – PIKS is a balance game to make afternoons more fun. Magnetic blocks Imaginary Fauna will make learning about animals more interesting. edu2 Light Table will help to concentrate while enjoying many activities.

It seems like the pace of life should slow down, but many of us find themselves spinning at an even higher speed than ever before. Don’t try to be perfect, allow new habits to form step by step.

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