5 Days in the Interior Design Fair and What We Did Not Expect in Paris

5 days, 3000 exhibitors, and almost 90 000 visitors – this is the statistics of one of the biggest international interior design fair – ‘Maison et Objet’. This September in Paris we participated in a fair together with eight Lithuanian companies in a joint country stand. Many people after hearing where we were about to head, were excited about the opportunity and the city itself. However, it is not that glamorous as it might look. During these days you almost do not have a chance to see the city as from morning till evening you spend time at the exhibition centre presenting your products and looking for potential contacts.

Nobody here questions the importance of the environment in our everyday life. Going through several halls, it can be seen that many exhibitors grasp the idea that people’s taste varies greatly, thus the design should be aesthetic, sustainable, yet suitable for many different areas. It is no longer enough to stand out with a vivid and rich stand, people are more conscious about their purchasing choices and are looking for something exceptional and unique. We were happy to see that our edu2 Sensory Space Divider ticked all these boxes and was found interesting by many visitors. Tetricube caught the attention of those who were looking for modular children’s furniture and set up for office spaces. What could be better for a video game company than a piece of furniture which was inspired by the Tetris game?

It was refreshing to discover that every home area gets equal attention – children setting as well. Interior designers emphasize that it is important to create a functional and tasteful environment for both, children and adults. Our friends Afilii, a platform promoting a meaningful design for children, has also been carrying this mission when selecting brands that can contribute to creating an inspiring environment for children. Here we encounter many like-minded people who are admiring our work in designing a creative and open play environment for the little ones.

Participating in a five-day fair is exhausting and usually, you have to deal with many unexpected problems along a way. Who could have guessed that once we landed in Paris our Airbnb would be canceled and we will need to find a new place immediately? We spent a couple of hours in the airport hunting for a new hotel. Even though there were some stressful situations, having fellow Lithuanians around was great. No matter whether you need a place to stay for a night or need help assembling boxes when yours do not show up (yes, this also happened for us!) – we knew we could always ask for help.


The experience you get during the fair is priceless. Being around and seeing the best in the field is inspiring as well as allows to evaluate where your brand stands in the international arena – we are proud of our performance yet see where do we have to step up in the future.


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