Simple Tricks to Do a Kid’s Room Makeover

Each day is blessed with more signs of true nature awakening. As the sun is showing all the dust on the windows – the cleaning season is up! Starting fresh might seem like a mission impossible when you are standing in a room full of toys, clothes, and books. Tidying up is one thing, keeping it this way –  another story. Let’s explore together some tips for playroom makeover and the opportunity to encourage children to take control of the process.

1. Probably you’ve heard about Marie Kondo’s approach of keeping things that “spark joy”. This could be a starting point! Ask your child which toys make him happy, notice with which of them he plays the most. Talk about donating things that no longer bring joy but could make someone else really happy.

2. After you are done sorting things, think about the place itself. Maybe the playroom needs brighter colors or maybe you were thinking of hanging your child’s artwork? Remove bright toys from the floor and let wooden toys to shine – the place will look calmer and tidier.


3. Use transparent trays, baskets, and bins – this way child can see where everything is without taking out all the content of the box.

4. Books always take a special place in the house. But why don’t make the whole reading process special? Throw some pillows, soft toys, and put some books – make a designated reading corner.

Having their own place will encourage a child’s reading process as well will help to avoid scattered books all around the floor.


5. Good old truth: less is more. The fewer things children have to play with, the more they play. A minimal number of toys stimulate children’s imagination of coming up with different games. Instead of taking all 100 building block pieces out, use only 20 different pieces, or instead – 30 color pens, place only 10 on the table. A lesser number of things are more manageable for children to keep track of and later on to tidy up.


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