Sensory Play Space Divider


Sensory Play Space Divider helps developing sensory skills and raise imaginative children. Use these unique, inspiring play space dividers to create different activity zones in any child-centered setting.

Together with a Sensory Play Space Divider, you will receive 50 felt wool berries Pom poms – let the play begin immediately!

It is a unique modular sensory space divider made for furnishing any early childhood learning environment. Use Sensory Play Space Divider for developing sensory skills, creating different activity zones, and for role play.

edu2 Sensory Play Space Divider is the Winner of the Gold A’Design award in Baby, Kids’ and Children’s Products Design Category, 2017 – 2018!

Self-expression and imagination. Fold the panels in a circle and create a house. Find lightweight cloth and hang curtains. All-time favorite children’s game is “home”! Children can create decorations for drama and role play.

Private space. Separate a space for quiet activities. There you can read stories, learn and explore new things, or remain quietly for a short while.

Together with a Sensory Play Space Divider, you will receive 50 felt wool pom poms – let the play begin immediately!

About Sensory Play Space Divider:

  • Fold the panels in a circle and create a house for the role play
  • Use the divider to create a private space for children
  • There are 685 holes for sensory skills improvement
  • Decorate panels with strings, tubes, or pom poms
  • Made of laminated white plywood
  • Panel height 89cm, one panel’s width 51cm, the total width of five panels – 2,62m
  • Can be folded into the width of one panel
  • Weights 15kg


Try felt pom poms, stringstubes for developing sensory experiences. By pushing objects through the perforated panels of the edu2 play space divider, children shall discover shapes and colors, learn letters and numbers, and develop fine motor skills.

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Weight 15 kg